A natural environment with its smells, its colors, envelop your senses of well-being, your body, your mind ... you can experience the exciting harmony of the soul leaving you wrap charm of valuable essences and harmonic sounds.

A steam shower in the turkish bath, revitalizing sauna, complete relaxation in the chaise longue, a massage to stimulate the circulation and eliminate stress. The Hotel Li Graniti knows how important it is to give time to these activities.

In our hotel you can book various types of massages, expert hands will take care of your body and your "soul".

RELAXING MASSAGE: technique that gives welfare to the whole body, improving blood circulation with the use of flavoring oils and essential oils. Duration 60 minutes. Cost € 60.00

CIRCULATORY MASSAGE: specific to improve blood circulation gives lightness and detoxifies the body. Duration 60 minutes. Cost € 60.00

DRAINAGE MASSAGE: allows the body will clear excess water retention through the opening of the lymph nodes. Duration 60 minutes. Cost € 60.00

SPORT MASSAGE: specific for athletes or those who train, even amateur, in any sport. Duration 60 minutes. Cost € 60.00

HOT STONE MASSAGE: a magic stone massage which acts on skin-visceral reflexes, combined with the pleasant sensation of hot stones that eased tensions. Duration 60 minutes. Cost € 70.00

TREATMENT THALASSO-HAMMAM SCRUB: a unique and special treatment for the whole body made with flavored salts, stain for the sun but also highly energizing. Duration 20 minutes. Cost € 20.00

REFELXOLOGY TREATMENT: holistic therapy that is based on a special massage technique applied mainly on the feet, and possibly on the hands. Duration 30 minutes. Cost € 30.00

WELLNESS PACK: 1 total body massage, 1 beauty treatment choice among those in the list pack, 2 inputs in the wetland (hammam or sauna). Cost € 140.00.

WELCOME PACK TO THE SEA: 1 Thalasso scrub in hamman, 1 input wetland (hammam or sauna), 3 total body massages. Cost € 180.00.

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Being on vacation is having nothing to do and have all day to do it. Robert Orben 


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